The Levitating Light Bulb

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€149,00 EUR €199,00
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Elevate Your Space: The Ultimate Conversation Starter

Meet our Levitation Light Bulb: A harmonious blend of mesmerizing aesthetics and brilliant functionality. It’s not just another lightbulb, but a statement piece—an extraordinary element that turns any space into a stage and gracefully steals the spotlight.

Bold and Beautiful: A True Show-Stopper

A unique amalgamation of design and innovation that elevates the atmosphere, making an unmissable statement in your space. It's more than illumination—it's a masterpiece of conversation, where luxury takes the limelight.

Craftsmanship Meets Magic: Touch and Wonder Combined

Our bulb is perched above a touch-activated wooden finish base, a grounding element that brings a touch of natural elegance, inviting curiosity and appreciation with each floating glow.

Touch of Warmth: Enhancing Moments

Embrace the warmth of its 2700 Kelvin glow, softly illuminating your surroundings, creating an inviting ambiance that celebrates each moment with a touch of charm and magic.

In Honest Appreciation of Elegance

  • Price meets Pride: An investment in ambiance, each bulb is a luxurious testament to taste, style, and the extraordinary.

  • Statement of Style: It’s more than a lightbulb—it’s an artwork, a conversation piece, a statement of elegance that proudly holds its place in your space.

  • Unmistakable Presence: With its quiet rotation and captivating levitation, the bulb commands attention and elevates the aesthetics of its surroundings.

Make a Luxurious Statement 

Invest in a piece that is as unique and extraordinary as your taste. Allow the Levitation Light Bulb to elevate your space with its undeniable charm and luxurious presence. Experience the marvel, embrace the elegance, and make a statement that resonates with style and sophistication.



Plug Type : EU, UK, US, AUS plug
Body Color : Auburn
Finish : Wood
Switch Type : Touch On/Off Switch
Power Source : DC
Voltage : 110V,220V
Bulb Included : Yes