Sunset Beam Projector Lamp

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Experience the Magic of a Sunset That Never Fades

This isn't just a lamp; it's an emotion! The Sunset Beam Projector Lamp goes beyond traditional lighting, creating moods in diverse environments. It is your gateway to enchanting nights and dreamy atmospheres. Whether you're at home, in a hotel room, or at a friend's place, let this lamp be your companion in crafting unforgettable moments.

Captivating Ambiance Anywhere, Anytime

Step into a world where ambiance takes center stage. Tailor your environment to perfection with LED technology and multi-mode selection. It offers seven mesmerizing beam colors, creating a stylish atmosphere perfect for any occasion.

Stylish, Romantic, and Portable Elegance

Carry the magic with you! With a USB connector for versatility, a 360° rotating handle, this lamp brings a touch of style to every corner. 

Capture Moments with Wall Photography

Turn your walls into a canvas of dreams and captures moments through wall photography right in your own bedroom. Unveil the magic of the Sunset Beam Projector Lamp — your gateway to enchanting nights and dreamy atmospheres.

Multi-Mode Selection

1. Green light
2. Blue light
3. Red light
4. White light
5. Purple light
6. Pink light
7. Ice Blue
8. Red Green Blue Gradient
9. Color Change
10. Red green, blue green, red blue gradients
11. Red green, blue white gradients
12. Red, green, blue breathing
13. Color cycle, color flicker

Unveil the magic of the Sunset Beam Projector Lamp! Dive into the Sunset now!


Mode selection: 13 modes (7 static & 6 dynamic)
Style: 360° Flexible
Length: 18.5cm
Plug Connector: USB plug and play
Light source: 6 LED 3030 SMD
Beam Angle: 40°
Brightness: 100 lm
Voltage: 5V
Wattage: 1W
Life Span: 50000h
Switch: Push button