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Fairy Vines: The Ultimate Lighting Solution for Cozy Atmospheres and Memorable Moments

With Fairy Vines, you're not just illuminating a space—you're crafting an atmosphere.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Infinite Possibilities: Choose from 8 unique lighting modes to set the perfect mood, from romantic dinners to festive gatherings.

  • Indoor & Outdoor Magic: Designed to be waterproof and heat-free, Fairy Vines is perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings.

  • Effortless Control: Customize your lighting experience with the included remote control. Adjust brightness or switch modes with just a click.

Experience the Difference

Fairy Vines is more than just a lighting solution; it's your ticket to a world of enchantment. Whether you're hosting a garden party or creating a cozy reading nook, Fairy Vines delivers the perfect ambiance.


Set the mood with 8 available lighting modes

 1. Combination 
     2. Wave
     3. Sequential
     4. Slow Glow
5. Chasing 
   6. Slow Fade
     7. Twinkle
     8. Steady On

Customer Testimonials

"Fairy Vines transformed my patio into a magical space. The different settings are a game-changer!"
— Lisa, 33

"I used Fairy Vines for my daughter's wedding, and it was absolutely stunning. Highly recommend!"
— Karen, 52

Ready to Elevate Your Atmosphere? Add a Touch of Magic with Fairy Vines Today!


Specifications & Package Includes


  • Width: 3m (9.8 ft)
  • Height: Available in 1m, 2m, or 3m
  • Number of LED Lights: Choose from 100, 200, or 300
  • Color of Light: Warm White
  • Power Supply: USB (included)
  • Waterproof Rating: IP65

Package Includes:

  • Fairy Curtain with USB
  • Remote Controller